Event Organisers City of Edmonton

In September 2016, Edmonton became the first Canadian city to host a leg of the FISE World Series. The event took place at William Hawrelak Park and included the disciplines of Mountain Bike, BMX Freestyle Park, BMX Flat, and Skateboard Street.


This free-to-attend 3-day event presented Edmonton with an incredible opportunity to engage with thousands of its residents. Our challenge:

To contact and convince as many people as possible from Edmonton and nearby towns to attend the event.


The FISE audience demographic tends to be aged 13-24. To attract the largest possible crowd, our research suggested we communicate with non-endemic audience groups, including, crucially, parents.

We created, managed, and delivered multiple and geo-targeted digital campaigns to drive awareness, build an engaged community, and influence behaviour.


  • 23,000+ fans attended FISE World Edmonton, making it the city’s best attended event of 2016
  • 67,875,739 digital impressions
  • 1,740,178 local fan engagements