Rights Holders International Weightlifting Federation

The IWF World Championships is the IWF’s annual flagship event. It gives the IWF an opportunity to engage their existing international audience online and introduce weightlifting to new fans around the world.


The International Weightlifting wanted to grow and engage their online audience, using the 2017 IWF World Championships as a catalyst.

Looking ahead to Tokyo 2020, the IWF wanted to engage a young, diverse and truly international audience to demonstrate they are relevant to the current Olympic movement.

IWF platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, website.


We implemented a digital strategy that focused on telling the story of the IWF World Championships and that of its athletes in a fun, engaging way.

We ensured each IWF digital platform had individual purpose, but maintained a consistent overall narrative through video, imagery and editorial content that complemented IWF’s status as a major International Federation. A strategy of pre and post-event storytelling complemented total live-event coverage (actioned remotely) to keep weightlifting fans around the world up-to-date and entertained.


  • 70,802 new followers
  • 2,145,333 social media engagements (+888%)
  • 10,289,705 video views (+408%)

(monitoring period: 15/11/2017 – 15/12/2017, % increase compared to same period over 2015 World Championships)