Event Organisers Powerman Malaysia

Powerman Malaysia is the best-attended event on the Powerman circuit, and establishes Malaysia as the Asian hub of Duathlon.


From 4-5 March, Putrajaya – one of Asia’s most beautiful cities – saw the sport’s finest athletes, male and female, compete in the twin disciplines of run and cycle to be crowned Champions of Powerman Malaysia 2017.

The 2-day competition presented a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to engage a new global audience. Our Challenge:

To significantly increase international awareness of Powerman Malaysia 2017.


Duathlon fans love to engage.

We created high-quality content to tell engaging stories that encouraged new and existing fans to engage with Powerman Malaysia.

Specifically, we distributed entertaining, useful, and interesting content (amplified with the implementation of a programmatic advertising solution) that delivered a digital experience so distinctive that fans engaged more frequently and for longer, and referred other fans.


  • 207,263 people reached across 10 countries via online content-led advertising
  • Facebook advertising campaign click-through rate = 1.92%.  Industry average = 1.01%
  • Powerman Malaysia website email signup form = 3.8% conversion rate.  Industry average = 1.95%
  • 27% of email signups were by international visitors
  • 66% of international website traffic was generated by REDTORCH content
  • 54% increase in average view time on REDTORCH content compared with website average