International Equestrian Federation

Creating bespoke social media strategies to grow global audiences


As the global social media and editorial agency for the FEI, REDTORCH was tasked with providing comprehensive support across FEI social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TwitterGiphy) and its website


  • to engage and grow a global community of equestrian fans day by day 
  • to increase awareness of, and engagement in flagship FEI competitions such as the European Championships, World Cup and Nations Cup 
  • to highlight the passion at the heart of each FEI equestrian discipline  
  • to grow the commercial value of FEI’s digital inventory 
  • to have fun! 


REDTORCH developed a platform- and discipline-specific social media strategy to maximise engagement across all FEI channels. It was important that the strategy embodied a strong brand personality for FEI. 

REDTORCH used data analysis and sport expertise to create bespoke delivery schedulefor each discipline (Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Eventing, Jumping, Para-Dressage, Reining, Vaulting) and each social media platform.  

FEI fans and athletes were provided with content unique to their interests. This custom-made approach was essential to grow engagement among existing fans, to attract new audiences, and to commercialise the value of FEI content on a global scale.



The following online accounts were established: 

  • 7 discipline-specific Facebook pages 
  • 3 discipline-specific Instagram pages 
  • a Giphy account 
  • 218,000,000 impressions 
  • 39,000,000 video views 
  • 4,260,000 engagements across owned social pages in 2018

The FEI Ranked #2 out of 35 International Federations for Facebook engagement in the #SportOnSocial 2019 Report (climbing eight places since #SportOnSocial 2018).