A creative campaign to maintain fan engagement outside of competition


FISE requested a creative campaign to maintain brand interest and fan engagement outside of the FISE World Series. The campaign had to be delivered across social media, and attract interest from endemic sponsors. 


  • Engage fans when no FISE World Series event was taking place  
  • Maintain brand awareness and relevance   
  • Attract interest from sponsors


REDTORCH delivered a user-generated content (UGC) campaign that required professional and amateur athletes to share videos of the best line (a series of tricks) they could do in under 21 seconds.

The videos were shared on social media using the hashtag #21seconds. Riders and athletes became the content creators and heroes of the campaign.

Authenticity is a number one priority for the action sports community. REDTORCH placement of G-SHOCK at the heart of the #21seconds conversation was not overelaborate and subsequently delivered brand association with something the action sports community is passionate about.

A panel of judges, selected by FISE, nominated a male and female video entry to take through to a public vote, hosted on the FISE website.


  • 185 fan and athlete video entries  
  • 14,000 fan votes 
  • 69,000 visits to #21seconds microsite
  • 88,000 social media engagements​ 
  • 954,000 video views on social media