FISE World Series


REDTORCH are proud to be the global social media agency for FISE World Series – the world’s largest action sport series. 

The FISE World Series has always produced a relatively niche audience, our goal was to transform this small community in to an internationally engaged one. Thus, we worked to engage both action sports fans and non-endemic audiences. 


During 2018 it was vital to utilise latest social trends, influencers, technologies and platforms to engage the widest range of audiences effectively. Thus, FISE’s social media was extensively data driven over multiple platforms to ensure engagement was optimal. 


Key Outcomes

On a year to year basis, 2018 proved a huge success for FISE World Series‘ reception. 

  1. 81.9 million impressions across social media platforms, a 71% year on year increase.
  2. 25 million views on videos across all social media platforms, a 34% year on year increase.
  3. 2 million engagements across social media platforms, a 32% year on year increase.