Generating insight to engage and grow digital audiences


In 2019, ICF made the strategic decision to connect elite and lifestyle paddling communities worldwide and invest in digital for direct engagement with paddlers. REDTORCH was tasked with generating insight into current and potential ICF audiences across its disciplines. 


To conduct audience analysis that would answer the following questions: 

  • where can ICF grow its digital audiences? 
  • what content and communications tactics should be used to attract and retain audiences 
  • what is the commercial potential of audiences based on their interests, motivation, and behaviours?


REDTORCH analysed multiple ICF data points including: digitalsocial mediaathlete dataTV broadcast data. It then designed and managed a bespoke survey with questions specific to four different audience groups: ICF and member NFs, athletes and coacheslifestyle paddlers, fans. 

A complete audience and content performance analysis for the ICF website and social media platforms was supplemented with social listening. This built a detailed understanding of the varying interests, motivations, and behaviours of paddlers worldwide, identifying differences between them in each discipline. 

Qualitative data was gathered from the survey, adding new insight into audiences. 

Athlete and media data sources were cross-referenced to complete the research and analysis.



  • The survey provided ICF with its first detailed audience analysis. 
  • The survey can be republished during the season when more traffic is generated through the website. 
  • Provision of audience insight to support the design and build of digital platforms. 
  • Recommendations for ICF so it can accelerate digital communications performance to engage and grow its audiences (in the leadup to Tokyo 2020). 
  • Development of digital dashboard to monitor real-time performance of all digital platforms.  
  • Identification of commercial opportunities, including sponsorship potential.