International Paralympic Committee

Generating insight to inform website design and build


REDTORCH was tasked with conducting a full analysis of IPC’s digital audience. Insights gathered would be used to inform the design and build of a new IPC website. 


  • to understand the varying needs, interests, and online behaviours of multiple stakeholder groups 
  • to apply stakeholder insight in the design and build of the new website 
  • to engage and grow global audiences through an optimised website 


REDTORCH collected and analysed data from multiple sources, including:  

  • the IPC website 
  • IPC social media accounts  
  • an online survey 
  • athlete data 
  • TV broadcast data

The online survey consisted of questions tailored specifically to each of the four audience groups: IPC and member NPCs, commercial partners, athletes and coaches, fans.  

Analysis of the different data points identified communications tactics which could be adopted by the IPC to engage and grow audiences across all digital platforms. 

Insights gathered also provided direction for the IPC’s website brief. This educated brief will enable IPC’s website development agency to design and build a website that meets the needs of each stakeholder group, as well as help boost website audience growth and engagement.




The IPC changed their original approach to the website development because insights gained from REDTORCH’s analysis meant they were able to optimise the site for each audience group.

The new website is currently under construction. We look forward to seeing it!


Photo credit: Agenzia Fotografica BF