A targeted creative campaign to increase brand awareness


REDTORCH was asked to increase UK-awareness of SWANS prescription goggles.  SWANS is a Japanese aquatics brand and the first in the world to make prescription goggles. 


  • to increase brand awareness of SWANS  
  • to increase brand consideration of SWANS  
  • to increase sales of prescription googles


REDTORCH conducted market research which found that 68% of UK adult swimmers with poor vision would swim more if they wore prescription goggles.   

A multi-platform campaign with the tagline SWANS – clearly the best was developed and delivered in the UK. 

REDTORCH ran 18 highly-targeted mini campaigns with creative advertising sequencing, via a variety of advertising formats. 

To support higher levels of brand awareness and confidence, a mix of high-quality blogs, athlete interviews, and training and nutritional advice were created.



  • 186% increase in purchase of SWANS prescription goggles  
  • 111%increase in website users  
  • 500,000+ swimmers reached via the campaign  
  • 800,000+ impressions generated